A playable tour through the history of ship games


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Genetos is an shoot 'em up that, rather than including just one gaming experience, takes you through the entire history of ship gaming in a very fun and interactive way. But it's also quite challenging!

The first part of the game is very similar to the classic Space Invaders: your ship appears at the bottom of the screen and your enemies will move slowly towards you while you try to shoot them.

As you progress, though, you'll find improved graphics, more modern gameplay, and more agile controls: enemies here are more aggressive and you'll have a variety of guns to choose from. It'll be like this until the fourth level, where the game turns into a true bullet hell, full of action and enemies.

Genetos is a very fun ship game with dozens of original elements that will take you through the history of a genre that isn't currently at its peak. The journey is still a fun one.
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